Photographer and Visual Artist

"My passion lies in capturing the flow of people. Creating the perfect light to reveal naturalistic details is what I strive to portray in my portrait work. Macro details inspire me, and are a constant reminder of how complex our reality truly is.

One of my main goals is to encourage women and men equally. When people view a portrait, I want them to absorb it based off of its true purpose. I want people to see themselves for who they are, and others, in acceptance. Documenting people is the best way for me to communicate my perceptions. 

I’ve learned there are endless possibilities when it comes to photography. To make people feel content in terms of where they stand in life, through the moment of the shutter opening and closing, is the intention that drives me to create and share."


Deanna is a professional portrait photographer based in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. As she has experience with many different forms of photography, her focus is on beauty and fashion. Deanna balances work, gigs, and teaching yoga, all while going to school full time to achieve her BFA in creative photography and experimental media. She is always inspired to learn and create new things to better her knowledge and well being. 

Experience includes set directing, macro and beauty, studio fashion and on location, fitness photography, motion capturing, set styling, product imagery, and retouching.

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