Photographer & Retoucher



Deanna is a professional commercial and portrait photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. Her expertise in photography are marketing beauty, skin care, and health and wellness brands. Deanna is experienced in the creative direction aspect of production, and enjoys helping her clients visualize their desired aesthetic. She is skilled in advanced retouching, as it plays a significant role in her photography process. She continuously learns new techniques and improves her post production skills. Deanna is comfortable managing talent on set. She offers creative set directing and styling, production coordination, and lighting design. It is Deanna's goal to ensure she goes above and beyond achieving the creative brief for her clients, and gives them a unique and satisfactory experience for their business!

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IG: @deegiordanophoto

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 Photographer & Retoucher

Deanna is a photo based visual artist specializing in portraits and commercial photography. Dee Giordano Photo production is based in Philadelphia, New Jersey, & NYC.

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