Meet Deanna!
Owner & Lead Photographer

Deanna is a professional photographer based in Haddon Township, NJ. Her expertise in photography are family and commercial portraits. Deanna is experienced in the creative direction aspect of production, and enjoys helping her clients visualize their desired aesthetic. She is skilled in advanced retouching, as it plays a significant role in her photography process. Deanna is comfortable managing talent on set. She offers creative set directing and styling, production coordination, and lighting design. It is Deanna's goal to ensure she goes above and beyond achieving the creative brief for her clients, and gives them a unique and satisfactory photography experience!

"My journey in photography started in high school, and I began photographing families while I was in college. I later attended Cal State Fullerton and learned the studio arts in a deeper manner that helped me become a greater creator of light, while simultaneously coordinating collaboration shoots to control the direction of my photography.

I found I enjoy capturing the small details in the world that may otherwise be overlooked. I love to capture the flow of people and create the perfect light to reveal naturalistic details. Macro details inspire me, and are a constant reminder of how complex our reality truly is. Documenting people and things is the best way for me to communicate my perceptions. I feel there is great responsibility in the art of photography, and that is to allow space for those in front of the camera to feel contentment within themselves, and that is the ultimate intention that drives me to create and share."

"I want to thank you again for referring me to Deanna Giordano!!! She's just as spectacular a photographer as you said she would be. She was here 1/2 day today & took photos of my office, head shots, group photos, etc.

Deanna is as good as you promised. Very easy to work with; professional; and the photos came out great (and this is before we even saw the final versions yet). I mean: she knows how to make people look good.

Totally recommend her."

Elizabeth Trinidad Law

 Photographer & Retoucher

Deanna is a photo based visual artist specializing in portraits and commercial photography. Dee Giordano Photo production is based in Philadelphia, New Jersey, & NYC.

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