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Specializing in stylized sessions with a studio based in South Jersey


Hi! I'm Deanna, and I live to capture the true essence of people. I am so passionate about portrait photography, and love to reveal my subject's inner and outer beauty.

I take honor in being your photographer and being the one to help you let go in front of the camera. I take you on a journey of surrender, happiness, and a higher sense of self.

Photography is a special form of documentation that should always be cherished and treated seriously. Together, we will create timeless art that tells the story of you and the people you love most.


Artwork that Heals

Heirloom Family Wall Portraits

Imagine having beautiful, heirloom artwork of the ones you love most, your children, on the walls of your home. 

When children grow up in a home that they feel loved in, they prosper and continue on their journey of self, and find deeper meaning and appreciation in their families.

We specialize in custom family portraits that are perfected for large printing. There are frames, matting, canvases and more to choose from.

 Photographer & Retoucher

Deanna is a photo based visual artist specializing in family portraits and commercial photography. Dee Giordano Photo production is based in New Jersey.

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