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How Photography Can Reveal The Beauty Inside of You

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Seeing Yourself in An Image

Have you ever seen yourself in an image and thought, woah that’s me? You probably aren’t the one to jump in front of the camera very often then. Sometimes, when we see ourselves in photographs, it changes the way we feel about ourselves. It reveals one of the most important things in life, and that is our capacity to see ourselves on a healthy and personal level. Some might call it mental health, others might call it self reflection. Whatever the case may be, we want it to be positive, empowering, and instead think to ourselves, “Yes, that’s me!”.

Surrendering and Letting Go

Surrendering in front of the camera during a photography session is important in order to capture the true essence of you. It is the photographer’s job to create a bond with you, so that when that time comes, you’re at ease and naturally flowing in front of the camera. Ultimately, it is a collaborative effort and all parties involved must work together to create an authentic environment for the session to thrive. It’s as simple as this, just be yourself. When we step out of our comfort zones, it can feel strange at first. But, once we step into our true selves it can be a powerful game changer and a life experience you’ll always value. You owe it to yourself to practice being the best version of yourself. Children can also sense when mom and dad are comfortable in their own skin, and this can allow them to be themselves during a photography session, too!

Revealing Your Inner Beauty

We all have a unique physical appearance of ourselves. Yes, photography captures those physical features and brings them to the surface. But what about how you’re feeling inside? Do the photographs bring out your inner beauty, too? I sure hope so! When studying an image, we get feelings about how the subject feels in the image based on facial expressions, body language, posing, etc. These are all important aspects to reveal what the person is feeling in the photograph. We want to express the most beautiful feelings you have inside of you! That’s what makes for a phenomenal photo. If you feel good about yourself, that is then transferred to the photograph as well. This is such an enjoyable experience for yourself, and also for the people who are most close to you. They can enjoy these photographs of you for a lifetime. We all have inner and outer beauty, and it means something to show it to the world. You matter. Your inner beauty is calling out for it to be captured beautifully and transcendently.

Seeing Something In Yourself for The First Time

When all of these things come together full circle, at the end of it, you start to see something in yourself for the first time. This is ultimately the self reflection value we gain from portrait photography. What do you see in yourself now that you’ve never seen before? Is it how much you love your spouse in a family photo? Is it how you see yourself as a parent to your children? Is it simply how you see yourself visually? What is it that you want to get out of this experience? These answers start to come up intuitively when we view photographs of ourselves with our loved ones. This is one of the many end goals that we aspire to achieve in our portrait photography work. It is to accumulate self reflection in the individual in the most positive way possible. There is always something to take away from studying oneself, and we take pride in helping you do it in a beautiful way.

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